Travel Beyond Group Celebrating 20 Years

Our Services



We support you by assigning you someone who has the expertise to support your project from the beginning to end. They become an extension of your business and assist in all areas such as Budgeting, Scheduling, Financial and Operational support daily.


At TB Live we deliver a service that is truly VIP. We empower our team members to be fully accountable to you, ensuring they deliver outstanding customer service and value. Our commitment to you is to deliver the same level of service 24/7, ensuring the support you require is available regardless of what the clock says.


No matter where you are in the world or what time it is, we are there to support you 24/7/365. This service is not outsourced, you will be speaking to our own in-house team comprised of only our experienced consultants. They will know your company, your people and your policy, your travellers will receive calm, measured, personalised support and advice no matter what the situation.


Our Account Management service is much more than reporting, supplier negotiations and travel reviews, we tick all the boxes. Our Account Managers become an extension of your procurement and finance team, working constantly to ensure we drive and deliver maximum value and results you require from your travel program. We provide a 360-degree approach that is based on continuous development, improvement, and evolution of your travel program.


Our finance team has over 40 years of experience working in the fast-paced environment of entertainment and logistical finance. Our team works directly with you and our operational lead to deliver statements, invoices, reconciliation processes and payment options. Together with our Tech Hub, we can provide the latest online reporting capturing all of your spending, whether it be by business or by project. Our products are customisable to deliver relevant and effective information for you.


At Travel Beyond, our goal is to equip you with the technology you need to re-define your corporate travel experience. By working closely with the Travel Beyond tech team, you’ll be directly involved in the creation of your tailored travel technology solution and have the assuredness of the team’s ongoing support and travel technology expertise. Find out more about how the Tech Hub can enhance your corporate travel experience.


Today more than ever, the focus on traveller safety and wellbeing is paramount. Crucial to driving and supporting traveller safety and wellbeing is a comprehensive travel policy as well as the development of a ‘Traveller Checklist’. This checklist will provide your travellers with information and guidance on elements such as a destination’s entry and exit requirements, COVID-19 protocols, suppliers hygiene policies and processes, documentation requirements and post-trip considerations.


We understand that many entertainment and logistics businesses have pre-existing relationships with freight experts. Our team too has existing relationships enabling us to deliver complete end-to-end freight management. We are able to bill back and centralise all costs to one statement. We also work with all major airlines to deliver excess baggage rates and processes to assist all the relevant industry bodies and deals that are in market.


What sets TB Live apart, is the culture of our organisation. We are relentless in our drive to deliver on our commitment and obligations to you. Our ethos and mindset of ‘getting the job done’ make us diligent in our delivery. In our approach, we consult with you in designing and developing a solution that best fits your requirements and objective. We want you to feel you are being looked after now, and always. That’s why our consultative approach ensures we understand your needs, meet your desires and exceed your expectations in our delivery.


At TB Live we help you drive a meaningful reduction of the impact of your travel. Whether it be by providing carbon offset reporting or connecting you to Mission Zero capability in Zeno. Mission Zero empowers travellers to make informed choices by surfacing the carbon offset data associated with flights, prioritising lower emission rental car options and enabling you to offset emissions for a net zero travel program through an integrated selection of environmental programs.